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Many custom integrators balk at the idea of spending thousands of dollars to hire a professional photographer to get quality images of their past work.  But the most popular page on any integrators website is the ‘Portfolio’ page.  If you’re not getting high quality pictures of your work, you’re losing out to your competitors that do.

It’s All About Engagement

When a potential customer visits your website for the first time you have on average 2.5 seconds to grab their attention.  If they don’t see anything that grabs their attention they’ll click the ‘back’ button and just like that they’re gone.  When customers are accessing potential integrators for their systems they want to be wowed by the possibilities.  Even if they’re not planning on spending a small fortune they still want to see the very best.

Sites that do a good job of grabbing a prospects attention stand a much better chance of turning a visitor into a lead.  Think of high quality pictures of your past work as your resume.  A potential customer should be able to get a quick peek that encourages them to dig deeper.

This is the reason why so much of the web is heavily reliant upon images and video.  It drives engagement and keeps traffic from bouncing on to the next site.

Search Engines Are Watching

While there are hundreds of factors that go into how well a site ranks within a search engine like Google, engagement is quickly becoming one of the more important.  When a visitor clicks on a site and then explores multiple pages of content, search engines take notice.  They also notice when a visitor clicks on a page and quickly returns to the search results.  Both of these actions can dictate where a site is ranked in regards to it’s competition.

User engagement stats are a major consideration when designing a custom integrator website.  You’re fighting against everyone else on the web for your customers attention.  You need to make sure you put your best foot forward.

The Real Importance of Content

Everywhere you look and everything you read will tell you that content is king when it comes to success in the search engine results.  To a certain extent this is true.  Relevant and fresh content keeps search engines looking at your site on a regular basis.

But the content on your site should be designed specifically for your customers.  Sure there are certain keywords you’ll want to focus on to ensure that Google knows who you are and what you do, but writing content only for search engines simply isn’t an effective strategy.  A site that converts visitors into leads must be customer oriented.  Even if you end up with far fewer visitors, a higher conversion rate will generate more leads.

So if you’re site is lacking in visitor engagement consider investing in a professional photographer to take pictures of your past work.  It will pay itself back many times over.